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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I recived this message in my Orkut Scrapbook. It is really very well written & true. I hope many people may get little knowledge about Bihar who continuously mocking on biharies And made this a slang. Every where there is problems. We cannot prosper alone. We have to develop and help each other in order to take our nation forward. Now, Bihar is speaking for itself in pain.
I added one more thing
into it which was missing that the Tenth Guru of sikh Sri Guru Gobind Singh jee was born in Patna Bihar in India in 1666. His establishment of the Khalsa is considered as one of the most important events in the history of Sikhism.

Here is the Message.

I am the history of India
I gave India its first president
I gave the world its first Republic
I nourished Buddha to enlightenment
I gave world its best ancient university
Mahavir came out of my womb to found Jainism
My son Valmiki wrote Ramayan, the greatest Epic
I gave birth to Aryabhatt, the great ancient mathematician
My son Vatsayana wrote Kamasutra, the treatise of love
I gave Ashoka Chakra that adorns India's national flag
Rishi Shushrut, the father of surgery, lived on my soil
My son Guru Gobind was the tenth guru of sikh
My son Chanakya was the father of Economics
My son Ashoka was the greatest ruler of India
My son Dinkar is the national poet of India
I gave the world its first University
I am the land of festivals
I am brotherhood
I am the past
I am the future

I liked this not because to let any other down. I just want to introduce some positive & rich side of bihar. Nationality is above all religion, caste, language etc. Nationality only have one religion, caste and language called HINDUSTANI i.e INDIAN. So, please stay united and move together for making India Better Place to live.


And remember our great martyr who lost there life for the country we call BHARAT.

Jai Hind


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