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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wallmart - The modern East India Company

We know of how the pitcher plant flower traps its Prey - don't get carried away by Wallmart (WM) issues helping farmers and creating new jobs. Soon China will take over Indian manufacturers & WM will wipe away other retailers and create more working Poor.  Watch film - ' HIGH COST OF LOW PRICE ' to know the impact of inviting Walmart [Here is the Link]. How they abuse suppliers, employees, state funds and destroy communities. UPA (Congress) is cheating us and people like Mittal ( Bharti enterprises) are in partnership with Walmart.

Here is how it goes:- 

Step 1 - Walmart (WM) comes, attracts customers with low prices, then those customers stop buying from local shops, 
Step 2 - WM buys huge quantities from suppliers and tie them in multiyear contracts so they cannot sell anywhere else. 
Step 3 - With no good and no customers shops close, local communities ruined. 
Step 4 - Now that suppliers and customers are completely dependent. WM squeezes suppliers to bleeding point. The suppliers close shop so WM then lobbies with corrupt government to raise the 70 % to 80 or 90 or 100% import with justification that there is no supplier in India. People who have shut shops, business etc will now be cheap labour at WM so they can claim to generate employment also!! Soon India buys only Chinese good made with slave labour. 

We don't need WM, there are upright companies like ITC and Tata who can invest and give all benefits to India and Indian without looting and filling coffers of Goras in US and Europe..ITC' echoupal is a world famous success helping 5 Millions farmers.. we don't need WM. Fellow Indians please Watch the film ( the accent may be American, but try to understand the disaster that WM will create in few years which is irrepairable).

Does these sounds familiar.... Even EAST INDIA COMPANY came to India to help farmers... and the rest is HISTORY!

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