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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We are to Blame for the Present Mess in India

Let me pose a simple question here. Who is voting these governments to power. It's the people of the country. Where does these politician come from? Again, these are very much Indians. Why did Indian people keep voting congress to power for 65 years and counting even after the abysmal state of the country. The thing is Indians in general are corrupt. I am not saying everyone is corrupt but given the opportunity most of them would resort to so called *corrupt* practices. The first invaders who came to India in late 900s, early 1000 AD were all helped by the local Indians who either wanted to dethrone current ruler or wanted to make money. So betrayal and opportunism is in the blood of Indians since eternity. Same thing happened when Britishers came. Now once in while we get people who are upright like Mr Khemka but again you can see what happens to them. So I would say just blaming politicians and government about everything is not the solution. If India actually want to make some progress, it has to start from the ground. There is no morality, integrity in the so called "common man". How can you expect that people in power suddenly behave as honest? They are the reflection of society they come from.

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