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Monday, August 17, 2009

We are Resilient By Force, Not By Choice!

I am big fan of Shahrukh Khan but the way Shahrukh episode was portrait as Anti-Indian or Anti-muslim is completely wrong. The United States are not a tolerant democracy like us which we are so proud of. “Kick us, Kill us but we’ll talk and condemn only”. And why not? we get pat on our shoulder from our big daddies US, UK to be tolerant, patient and resistant no matter how much we suffer and get killed. The 26/11 incident again shows the commitment of India towards curbing terrorism. This time they become more fearless. They entered and killed us in broad day light and openly engaged with Indian forces. But every one applauded the spirit of Mumbai to overcome this situation. What the hell is this spirit??? This is not the F****** spirit. This is the common people who have to come out for work so that they can feed there children and family in the costliest place of the world. They always have the fear of this that one day they can also be part of it. And this thing is misunderstood by State and central government that Mumbai can overcome of any situation. The dialogue of the film “a Wednesday” was very true that “we are resilient by force, not by choice”.
You never heard of second attack or any terrorist engagement in America. This is because of strong majors like this. If they wouldn’t then America would have faced regular terrorist attacks like India faces every day and lost many brave Jawans (military officer) in Kashmir and rest part of India. If the same episode happened in India it would become a minority politics. We have been weakened by many ways. Every strong steps to curb nuisance and terrorism here becomes anti-minority and politician are very comfortable about it. Specially the so called pretentious secular parties like congress, RJD etc as they do not want loose there muslim vote bank. I was stunned to hear that Afzal Guru hang is termed as anti-muslim in J&K. What the hell is this and how a government can be so tolerant to the terrorist and put hold on this, fear of vote fall. This can only be done in India and that’s why we are suffering.
These superstar plays their minority card when something happens against there will. Take example of Imraan Hasmi flat buying case. No journalist wants to know why flat was rejected and all blame to society in charge. Just got the bite & flashed. There are many issues to be raised to uplift the society and poor people. But no, why are multi millionaire denied the Flat. That really hurts the media and people. Our media is in very pathetic situation. They use their freedom of expression to the ugly extent. Although I there are some moments media really helped people to get justice but majority of time media is very partial.
I believe nowhere in the world, minorities get such importance than in India. All superstars remember there minority status when they are in trouble. The superstars like Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar, Saif Ali Khan etc. didn’t hear them of doing any good for the minority rather than verbal comments and condemning India in many important issues.
Talking like this would have termed me as non-secular or anti-muslim but I am speaking the truth I felt. I am not anti-muslim or non-secular. But there should be proper and equal justice to all the people of India rather than hindu bashing and blaming & snatching every rights from Hindu to speak and support there rights and culture which termed as non secular thing.
If we want to be real seculars then stop playing minority cards and accept the fault and cooperate with the administration to stop terrorism and violence and make India a better place to live.

Pardon me if something is wrong, I just speaked out the truth.


  1. The developed nations are very intolerant of their white blood being spilt. However, they are ever ready to condemn other (not so developed nations) whenever something goes wrong....It is not religion that should be blamed but the activities of a few who are behind such nasty incidents. They are actually a blemish on the whole community....

  2. Here is the chat between me & Prateek ( ) on the above article as comment:
    2:51 PM me: hi prateek...
    2:52 PM the article was very humorous.....
    prateekgupta1: Hi
    me: I have also written one... please go through it...
    when get time
    prateekgupta1: I already did
    me: ok
    how was that????
    prateekgupta1: was abt to leave a comment
    me: ok ok
    prateekgupta1: Nicely written
    me: I'll read the comment..
    2:53 PM prateekgupta1: but I have a slight disagreement with ur PoV
    me: I have many social issues to write...
    no prob. mention it as comments...
    will like to c...
    prateekgupta1: :-)
    I dont think what Shahrukh did was wrong
    will do frm home
    read it in the feed
    2:54 PM me: ok
    2:55 PM yes.... but upto certain extent.. media over hyped an issue which is not relevant... always tends to give importance to non important issues of society.. .as there is soooo much important issues & things to cover & make people & gov. aware...
    2:59 PM prateekgupta1: Why do u feel it isn't important
    3:01 PM me: see the thing is that he is a star.... & he expect to treat him like we do in India...
    that is bad if they do not treated him like human...
    prateekgupta1: the point he is a star and he is detained
    think of the other poor people
    3:02 PM who get into all this
    You know how Air Frnace have repeatedly treated the Indian passengers
    its bloody high time these people learn some manners
    Shahrukh has the same point
    he can get out of all the mess easily
    3:03 PM he is Shahrukh Khan
    Ambika Soni and all have to speak for him
    me: yeh... that is wat I have written.... America is so panic that they do not want to take chance but telling India to be restraint..
    I condemned India more than shahrikh hype.
    prateekgupta1: but who would speak for some other unknown khan
    3:04 PM I am in agreement with that
    but I would not agree to the fact that Shahrukh shouldn't have created the hype
    and media shouldn;t have highlighted it
    See what happened with president Abdul Kalam issue. he was a humble man
    3:05 PM me: that is more pathetic as they dare to do it in India
    prateekgupta1: didn't created any hype
    and he didn't even got an appology properly
    So its great that Shahrukh Khan create a hype over it. He is a person who is loved by more than 15% of the World Population
    3:06 PM if we treat Angelina Jolie or Brad pitt with Love & respect
    me: yes.... that I agree...
    prateekgupta1: its high time for them to reciprocate
    anyways I agree with rest of ur post

  3. I Agree wid u :) .. gud

  4. The lines are "
    We are not resilient by Force , we are resilient by choice"

  5. I fully agree with this article; but .. Indian Politics don't want any changes to be made,
    Indians always react late to any situation, time to change this outlook also !
    Further more talking about the minority cards they are used only to gain advantage even if the candidate is not at all suited for it!

  6. Good and an agreeable article.
    the new generation thinks more practical, but stay outside the system and talk about it... high time they step into it and make a change...