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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Art Attack: Da Vinci to Hussain by Neelam Raaj

Today, I read the article by Ms. Neelam Raaj “The Art Attack: Da Vinci to Hussain” at Sunday times dated 23 August 2009. It was very shocking for me. I would not be so surprised or shocked, if the author would not be Indian. But this really hurts me. As when we do not respect our own culture or tradition or do not believe in us then how you expect others (other countries) to respect us.
The article was on attacks on the famous arts of the world by the different people. She given example of How Da vinci’s famous painting Monalisa came under attack from visitors and some more example of other painters. Then she come to great painter M F Hussain that he was also targeted in India by Hindu group because he made a painting of a Hindu goddesses in the nude and he has been in self imposed exile for the three years.

The way she wrote about it that it is very normal thing to paint without caring of the sentiments of the people. She gave the reason behind the attack: “some may be batty but most vandals do it just to attract attention”. Oh my god!!! Hello, Ms Neelam. You might be hardcore & blind lover of art in any form but give this statement from others point of view. We worship this goddess Saraswati. Countless Hindus are having faith in her. You cannot cross the limit for right to express. It is very common and easy to be neutral or unbiased when it comes to any Hindu things. What happened to Danish cartoonist who painted offensive thing about Prophet Mohammed? That cartoonist did wrong and had to apologize for it. I do not believe in violent protest but Mr. Hussain was very wrong in this case, no matter how big artist he is. He do not have the right to insult others belief in terms of portraying it as art. Why not you condemned Mr. Hussain as he must be knowing that what this will result before painting that. Wasn’t this also a publicity stunt or attract attention. Now you will say that he is such a big personality, so he doesn’t need attention. Madam, this is how you get famous day by day. Creating a controversy and add chapter on by one. It’s called negative publicity. Now, who doesn’t know Mr. Hussain will know him.

Forget this, I would like to give a simple example. It may be very offensive to you. Suppose Mr. Hussain would have painted yours Nude Picture and showcased in his art exhibition. You might not be offended of this as you are a great art lover and can accept art in any form but I am sure that your family and people will definitely be offended of this and will protest and strongly ask Mr. Hussain to put this painting out from the exhibition. So, this is the just case of a Human being whom very few people know. But imagine when crores of people believes and worship any goddess and someone insults it in the name of art, then how they would feel??????

Please write and condemned which will benefit society rather than supporting something which is very sensitive and hurts the belief of majority of people.

I would like to sincerely apologize in case I hurt you but I wrote what I felt.


  1. The post is informative.... I don't have much understanding of art to comment or have seen MF Hussian's painting to have an opinion.

    But I guess as an art from he is allowed to be creative and different. I mean if we dont have a problem with Burger King showing goddess lakshmi eating steak burger in spain... then why so muhc hoopla about the paintings.

  2. @prats
    That is true... that's why we Need to protest if any thing is going wrong... we (Indians) are regularly insulted as we take every thing very casually..... "sab chalta hai come". That's very bad... If we do not respect our own thing, then how will others respect us.
    Every where in the world if it comes to insult of there religion or culture they protest strongly no matter they are delveloped countriese in europe or arabs or developing countries etc. But you can do any thing against India or do any thing in India.... we will not get hurt or neither protest.
    The freedom of Art doesn't mean to hurt a particular community in the name of art.