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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Calculating GPA from Indian Percentage System

I am looking forward to find GPA for applying to foreign universities. So, Need to calculate GPA from my percentage. I tried to find the appropriate formula to calculate GPA for Indian education system. But I found some answer but was unsatisfactory. Now, I found the solution for it and would like to share who are looking for the solutions like me. Its a simple GPA calculation formula which may be helpful to you.
I have calculated GPA for my final year engineering score.

  • I got 910/1500 in Final year. Calculating GPA for 4 point grading system.
  • GOT: The List of 4 toppers of my class (From college admin. office or department)
1. 1112/1500
2. 1111/1500
3. 1102/1500
4. 1095/1500

  • Calculate the Average of toppers : (1112+1111+1102+1095) / 4 = 1105
  • GPA = [(My score) / (Avg. of toppers) ] * ( Grading System You Need eg. 4 pointer, 10 Pointer etc.) = [910/1105] * 4 = 3.29
  • GPA for 4 pointer system is 3.29
  • If you need to calculate 10 pointer GPA system then multiply with 10. GPA = [910/1105] * 10 = 8.24
So, My GPA for Final year is 3.29/4.

Likewise, you can calculate for your first, second & third year and get the average. That will be the avg. GPA of your Degree or your major of studies.

All the best for the future ahead.


  1. Thanks for sharing man!
    This formula is available anywhere.. bt its confusing..
    You made it simpler to understand.