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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Proud to be......... of What???

We are very much accustomed to be Proud of every thing that looks good. No, matter what is its reality. We are very Proud to be UN-innovative IT power of India. We are Proud to be cheap labor of IT industry. We are Proud to be best IT service sector (Slang-Mechanic) of the world. AND most of all Proud to be still dependent on US for every thing ( software, Hardware, technology & list will go on...........!!!). “Very Proudly speaks, US market is slowdown... So, there is tight situation Indian IT market or Indian IT market is going through a low phase & rough phase. But we will definitely overcome of this situation as US recession will not stay for so long.” These expert comments are given by top IT specialist, & analysts with Pride.... many discussions done and still going on that how to keep our Pride. We are Proud to see that big players of IT mechanic sector like INFOSYS, Wipro & many more are having extraordinary & mind blowing turnovers of more than 10 thousand crores of rupees. But still these big giants Proudly shy away from investing few drops from their huge sea of capital into Research & development (R&D). I agree, every body is here to make money. But still why they can't t invest a single penny to develop there own product and become independent? It may be a time taking process and end result will be always be profitable. But who cares for the future. Money hai toh, Honey hai! We are Proud to be IT Service mechanic of the World. No matter, we don't have any Big product based companies like Microsoft, Google & Apple. But still we are Proud of using there product.
We Proudly say that we are ahead of China in IT Mechanic sector (the only field which we can proudly say we are ahead of them) but, but........
I wonder, the day China Learns English.... WHAT will be the scenario............................
Proudly think about this, Mr/Ms. Analysts of Information Technology of India!!!!!
BUT Whatever,


1 comment:

  1. hmmm... maybe we are scared of originality. we have become so used to using tried and tested products, that we dont wanna create our own.

    maybe we dont have the strength to face the challanges of creating the new products. all we cn do is blame others for not making sumthig up to the mark. arre have we tried ourselves?