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Monday, September 29, 2008

Kernel Programming Class

Today was my first Linux kernel Programming Class. Today was the briefing session that what is going to be taught, What we have to be prepared in advance for the course.
After the class, I was pretty much happy that at last I'll have hands on kernel programming. As I had tried to go through the Linux kernel code but I struggled a lot to keep with pace to understand such a well structured and heavy modular programming. Even using CTAGS for reading kernel code does not make any difference. But now, I am pretty much confident that One day ( Not To far from now) I'll achieve my
Well, You guys might be wondering, what is my goal. I'll Tell you one short story.
This is the story eight to nines years back. One day I was sitting with my Dad. I heard some news that India is emerging as IT Power in the world. I was very excited as this is my field of my interest and I started using Computer ( I was in Sweden with my Dad) when India had PC only at high level facilities like research centres like that. In India, I bought 486 Model PC.
Ok. Pardon me. Let's Move back to the story I was telling you. That was just my introduction part of my experiences with computers.

I was telling Dad that India is IT power etc. My Dad did'nt
reacted much on this. But after my continuous praise He interrupted me,
he told "If India is IT power, We have Finest & best Computer professionals in the World, Then
Why We don't have our Own Operating System??? Why Don't we have any big product based company? Why we are dependent on Microsoft and tolerating its monopoly? If they raise the price, we have to bear it, if they don't supply anything, we starved with the technology.WHY???"

This "WHY" Really stunned me. It was really very surprising to hear his so intense views on this. He is a great scientist & professor in his field Mining Engineering. All he told that time is proved to be true. Even, One of my Life's idol and great & legend scientist, former president of India
Mr. Abdul kalam jee also pointed out the same concern that India should have its own operating system.
So, From that day, It become my one of the Goal & ambition in my life to Develop one Operating system which will outrun Microsoft OS. And this kernel programming class is a small step towards my Goal.
I am Great fan of Mr. Steve Jobs. He is also my Idol. I like to follow the footsteps of Steve Jobs but like to be "Ankit Singh". I have the passion to change the world.
I always Believe that "
Failure is the First Step Towards Success ". I have the right to say this as I failed many countless times & seen many setbacks in this short span of life but I fight back, as Failure gives you the opportunity to recognize yours potential. Right now, I am enjoying my time with my first job and preparing for the big thing.
Now Off To Bed!
Have a nice Day/Night


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