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Sunday, September 28, 2008

This is My First Blog Of My Life!

Today, Sunday 28th of September 2008, I am writing my first post to my first blog of my life. I have heard a lot about blogging in past few months or you can say past one year. So, gradually I become more interested that what is this stuff all about. As truly Speaking, I never attracted to it & hate reading blogs. But Now times has changed. I am working in a company named "Hover Technologies" as a Software developer where the company's product is for the Bloggers, Web Publishers and for web advetisers.
So, Now I guess why have to turn be a blogger. Let's c how much it will work for me and how frequent I'll be in blogging. I like to share many things to the world but it will take time as I dont know how to start. Ok! Guys.
Have A nice Day/Night. Off to Bed!


1 comment:

  1. hi ankit bro gud to see tht u have started writing some thng abtur life online. my best wishes r there with u tht u stand there where u father can proudely say tht he is my son. and even we can say tht he is our frnd.