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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Expectation from New UPA Goverment

First of all, I would like to see some changes in So called Secular Government to come over of
1. Religion Politics by Seculars
2. Cast politics by Seculars

Implement Reservations basis of economical Condition. All the people of India should benefit from this reservation policy whether they belong to any cast or religion. This will benefit all Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Cristian etc. This policy will unite India and make India Secular in real sense than others.

The Government should concentrate more on rural area as Agriculture potential of India can not be neglected. Improve the Infrastructure of Village. Make a strong & good Policies for poor farmers so that they do not turn towards city leaving farming and improve the financial condition of farmers and to decrease suicide rate of Farmers (rather than just telling slogan * ka haath garib ke saath). As without food, no body can survive and lack of farming products the food price will increase which will increase the inflation.

Improvement and addition of Public transport & system, so that it will control the population of vehicles of the cities & make a good place to live.

Keep Check on Bangladeshi Nationals infiltrating into India and getting ration card, voter ID and SC/ST certificate illegally due to vote bank Politics.

Increase Internal Security & take strong major Step to counter terrorism without concerning of Religion politics by congress so far. Make some Sergical strikes in POK which world is also supporting.

Improve corporate LAW.

If they ask me for Suggestions. I just want to tell them to follow one golden slogan which is very needed for the todays condition of India.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ankit,
    I agree with your points. I read your comments at as well. I am totally with you for reservation based on economic condition. I like many other points in BJPs agenda like

    1. Removing special status of Kashmir
    2. Uniform Civil Code

    But why they included Ram Temple issue in manifesto? Do you think its suited for secular party? Why Advani was trying to attack MMS personally? In what way he is weaker than Advani?

    BTW, please enable your embedded comments option in blgger. Commenting will be much easier.