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Thursday, April 30, 2009

FriendFeed Hoverlets (show your latest twitter feeds) #hoverlet2

After creating first hoverlet successfully, now I want to give Bloggers some extra value to there posts. I have made a friendfeed hoverlets which will give the latest feeds from twitter & friendfeed sites.

Like in my case usernames are iankits, bosky101 etc etc.

You can now see the the latest feeds of my iankits by just pointing your mouse over it.

This you can do by simply adding keywords as usernames of your & your friends of Then refresh your page & get the latest feeds! The readers can also subscribe to your feeds through it.
So, I guess this again gives you a value added service for the addict bloggers as well as publishers.


For registering to, follow the link.

Keep clicking for more dynamic hoverlets!!! :)

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