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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Testing out GupShup Widgit by embedding it in Hoverlets #hoverlet 1

Today in my company, we have Hoverlet Day. U might be flummoxed that What is this hoverlet??? This is nothing but u can say bubble which popup on pointing mouse over a keyword defined by the user. It is a basically a value added service for the bloggers & web publishers.
I am trying to make some dynamic hoverlets for the company & users to use it on one click by defining multiple keywords for the getting it hoverized!

I found one widget which is very interesting to embed inside hoverlet. This Widget is of GupShup.
You can put any keywords like Cricket, Football, jokes, mango etc. for start access gupshup messages on the hoverlets.
You can subscribe to the SMS group of the gupshup thorugh the hoverlet.

But it API has some limitations.

To avoid Denial of Service attack, they have some limitations on Requests from one IP. Following are the Details.
Throttle timing Throttle Warn Value Throttle Limit Value
per Minute 25 30
per Hour 990 1000
per Day 9990 10000

Its a fun widget which also adds value to the user & increase user experience in funny way of giving out information.

Now , You can see the hoverlets shows on hover (over the keywords marked with blue bubble), you can experience the widget right now. Thanks to! :D
Keep clicking!

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