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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Difference between "Congress" & "BJP" voters

In a restaurant they announced proudly a new item 'pumpkin & grape ". A customer asked "OK-what is the ratio of each of ingredients. " 
waiter replied 50-50.
Customer asked " How can you afford such costly grapes ? ". 
To this waiter replied- "simple , we add one grape to one pumpkin" that's how it is 50-50.
BJP's corruption is like a grape in comparison to congress's pumpkin size corruptions. Yet, there is big difference. BJP voters are not ready to ignore any corruption while Congress voters never care about corruption! 
So, even a small corruption hurts BJP more but Congress easily get away even while indulging in humongous corruptions. It is better BJP get rid of Gadkari and bring in some honest fellow.

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