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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stop "Pseudo Secularism"

The amount of Pseudo Secularism now Practised in India by various parties are now becoming dangerous for peace & hormony of India. I found very nice comments from this unknown person on a Blog post.
I just want to share it with you.

The word appeasement is a wrong choice for what Congress and Samajwadi Party does. The right word to choose would be ‘hoodwink’.

Congress has been hoodwinking Muslims for the longest period and SP has been doing it now for 2 decades. Unfortunately, Muslims do tend to fall to these machinations out of the fear of BJP.


It would be wrong to say that we can counter evil with bigger evil. If Gandhi taught us anything, it is that bravery exists in confronting your attacker and looking him in the eye without hitting him. Not cowing down, but to make him realize how foolish he is.

I know a lot of people think Gandhi’s teachings have no place in modern India, and I tend to agree with them on Gandhi’s economic policies. But, he was spot on in his choice of weapon in struggle. It suits the Indian temperament the best, that’s why he could summon Millions to raise up or quieten down, at his beck and call.

BJP need not always be bad. Under Vajpayee it atleast had some secular bearings. It’ll need to find that for it to be in contention for power in future. That’s very essential for India as its the only alternative we have to Congress.

RSS’s work as recently as with the Tsunami disaster was exemplary, so as an organization it does deserve to be supported – not banned as some suggest, even if one doesn’t agree with their ideology of nationhood.

But, the pariwar certainly need to understand that India will go Pakistan way, if we are to follow the muslim fanatiscism with Hindu fanaticism.

There simply must be a better way!

1 comment:

  1. well uve hit the nail the nail on the head.
    politics these days is less about ideology and more about votebank. hence, the psudo secularism, and in many cases pseudo ideology as well.