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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Learning English - Scientifically

I want to share a mail I received from 'Indians in Germany' post by Mr. Laxmikanth. I am just doing a copy & paste of the email as I think this mail is worth sharing with the world.

A friend of mine asked how to learn english, here is what I summarised for him... thought of sharing in this group.

I learnt English though the following ways.

Buy these books...

Word power made easy
All about words
Painless Vocabulary --- Barrons Publisher
Painless Grammar --- Barrons Publisher
Oxford Telugu - English Dictionary
Our Wren-Martin English Books
Some english thesaurus books -- search, they do door-delivery

Download all the NCERT books, I believe everyone knows what NCERT means, and download all the books from Class I to Class XII and have a feel of what you might have missed/forgotton because of improperly trained teachers who taught you the basics and learn all of those collectively step-by-step, it gives you/paves you a systematic approach to learning english.... quicker-effective way of having a feel of the language...

Mastering English is an art/artistic skill (not a creative art which takes years to get perfection - but an art which you can acquire in areasonable period of time-- could be in less than 6 months) which you acquire only when you have a comprehensive command over reasonably/relatively sufficient mastery of english vocabulary and grammar and in order for that, you have confidence that you mastered english grammar and should be able to distinguish a word grammatically and have a thesaurus handy so that you can have bigger picture of vocabulary pyramid, thesaurus lets you learning vocabulary through context... simpler/effective way of learning new words, or way of expressing new thoughts (nothing new, you are expressing them in a foreign-language) with newly acquired words, which you might be using the rest of your life.

It takes a persistent effort, and in order for you to learn quickly, follow these simple steps.

Do these repetitive steps daily...

(1) Word Power Made Easy --- Learn the roots of the words so that you know the word formation and word history, it gives you a feel of the word and how all those stems are linked in several reasonably barely-used words in our country, not in english-speaking countries, this is the first step that you must follow in order to have a feel that words have stems and adding prefix,suffix,infixes changes the meanings of the words. And this book gives you the skill, a formal way of learning new words. This is the scientific approach that you must adopt asap, in order to master english in a reasonably quicker manner.

(2) Master the English grammar, I said just dont learn it, have a feel of it and I can say it takes atleast 5-6 months of persistent effort in order to master the english grammar, so do it daily.... for about 6 months, and collectively with the steps mentioned in the following---, you can master the language.

(3) --- this is a top resource that I found to master the language in a quicker manner... Remember, in order to feel the language..... you must have a feeling that you are learning just a language.... nothing great and just correlate how you learnt the 
mother-tongue and use your senses and brain fully and even those basic-fundas do apply to a great extent for mastering english.... nothing new..... its all well-proven.... the sooner you adapt to it, the quicker it would be.....

In this website, start learning english idioms and phrasal verbs, and grammar glossary every day..... I believe it might take about 3-4 months of 1 hour a day of your fruitful effort to finish this website.....again... use your brain to the fullest extent.... otherwise, the estimates to beyond my reasonable estimates, same as our construction projects..... who go beyond regular estimates... only because of poorly-trained civil engineers.... Adapt 
to metacognition asap. Otherwise... it takes several years to have a feel of new concepts, and it takes several more years in order to apply those learnt concepts, that means, you will not really apply them. Remember, in life if you don't share/apply the knowledge that you acquired, it goes in vain.

METACOGNITION --- APPLY IT ASAP and try to go to as many links mentioned in the references column of this article, have a feel of what it is about and see how quickly you can master/ enhance your every aspect of quality of learning and application skills through this well-proven scientific approach...

Remember... all top-intellects have used their brains in this new scientific approach to learning and they might have done huge case studies in order to come to that conclusion..... and its a matter of applying this scientific approach of tuning your mind..... tuning the mind systematically..... for quicker you will not find it
difficult to learn new concepts quickly.... you know where to stress and where not to.... there might be tons of trivial documents.... you don't have to value all of those trivial documents.... only Synopsis is important... and you come to that saturation level only when you have sharp-brain.

These are the scientific approaches that I did follow-will be following forever.... remember if you do it scientifically..... it takes less time to master anything..... otherwise...... you take years to master what you want..... don't escape from anything...... after all if some one else has mastered it , why not you.... you can do it...... its a learning cycle.... ofcourse it all depends on your priorities.....

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